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Maintaining our supply chains is important !

These are just some of the key steps we take with maintaining our Supply Chains solutions to our clients.

1st Step: Dependable Supplies Across the World.

We maintain dependable suppliers across the world. Based in the heart in Europe – Rotterdam / Hamburg / Gavle, we assist our clients with all the inter-logistics and customs clearance processes. Also, key suppliers based in Houston, Texas – has allowed us key access to provide services/products from the United States. Our reach continues across the oceans to Seoul, Korea and China as well.

2nd Step: Continuous Investment in Employees.

We believe that continuous investment in our current operational staff. All our staff have a minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree. With 90% of the current staff currently working a professional certification. From PMP certification for our Project Managers to an MBA for our current leaders. Investing in our staff is our main goal as that will elevate the company into more cultured levels.

3rd Step: Continuous Improvement to the solution on-offer.

We always look to improve our current solutions to our clients. Whether this means going back to the drawing boards to re-setup the entire supply chain or little tweaks along the way to make it more efficient on all sides. This allows us to stay ahead of our clients needs and requirements – having more satisfied clients to staying ahead of the competition.

4th Step: Incorporating Technology into the Business Operations.

Introduction of a WMS system – which was a key innovative addition, Warehouse Management System, and an introduction of a fully-integrated Sales system in HubSpot. Our key drive is to continuously integrate all aspects of technological advances in our business allowing us to stay ahead of the competition. Also, we have invested and integrated a full accounting software which creates our Quotations and Invoices. This step of adopting technology is another key drive-in focus for the year 2021.

5th Step:

We are always looking to increase the Returns for our clients and in that aspect allows us to increase our revenues. When our clients experience an increase in their returns – whether it is more shipped goods or the provision of more services, we indirectly & directly benefit from the added circulation of work. This is an especially important ‘Circle’ within our focus for 2021. In some instances, we ask the factories to re-manufacture the required products to provide it accordingly to our potential clients.

Written by a member of Oriental Shuraa Team.

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